Cvent-1000T Future Technology available today

The right ventilator for your requirement Adult And pediatric ventilation

Find the right ventilator to suit your clinical care setting. Our devices offer advanced features to care for even the most complex patients, and different levels of mobility for use on the go or where space is limited.


Operate with Ease In the modern busy clinical environment, ease of use is a fundamental requirement for all medical devices. With this in mind, the Cvent Series ventilators enable clinicians to set and deliver ventilation therapies quickly and easily via the intelligent ergonomic design and flat user interface.


  • Tidal volume from 10ml to 2000ml (Pediatric-Adult)
  • Invasive Modes:VCV, SIMV-VC, PCV,SIMV-PC, PSV, CPAP+Apnea Backup, APRV, PRVC, SIMV-PRVC
    Non-Invasive Modes: BiPAP, BiPAP-S, BiPAP-ST,HFNC/O2 Therapy
  • More than 180 minute battery backup
  • Waveforms : P-T, F-T, V-T Loops : P-V, F-V
  • Pressure control and volume guaranteed with PRVC
  • Automatic leakage compensation
  • Lowest in class bias flow 2.0 L/min, Low o2 consumption
  • Selectable apnea back up ventilation (Volume or pressure type)
  • Automatic Tube & leakage compensation technology
  • Fixed reusable flow sensor hence no daily recurring cost

Big screen.Important ventilation data at a glance

  • 10.4" touchscreen displays waveforms & loops simultaneously
  • 72 hours trends
  • Over 30 Monitering parameters
  • Diffrent colour indication for Controled & Triggered Breath
  • Featuring a wide range of diagnostic tools