The right Anesthesia Workstation for your requirement

Find the right anesthesia workstation to suit your clinical care setting. Our devices offer advanced features to care for even the most complex patients, and different levels of mobility for use on the go or where space is limited.


Cflow-5C comes with the latest refinements in ergonomics and systems integration with an advanced, easy to use anesthesia platform designed by experts to streamline your anesthesia workflow. It features an 7 Segment screen, with solenoid valve technology to realise accurate ventilation control. Cflow-5C also comes with standard ventilation . Bar Graph to indicate Airway Pressure. Direct Eight Keys for easy operation.


  • Tidal volume from 100ml to 1500ml (Neonatal,Pediatric,Adult)
  • Modes:VCV,Manual,ACGO
  • More than 180 minute battery backup
  • Large capacity drawer units
  • Selectatec bar for single vaporizer
  • Two electrical outlets
  • Unique alarm for Ppeak high/low,O2 Pressure fail,Alarm mute
  • Bar Graph to indicate Airway Pressure
  • Knobe for flow adjustments
  • Yoke system (1xO2, 1xN2O; without cylinders)
  • Standards Compliant Fully compliant to ISO 80601-2-13, ISO 80601-2-55,EMC 60601-2 and IEC 60601-1.

Big screen.Important ventilation data at a glance

  • 10.4" touchscreen displays waveforms & loops simultaneously
  • 72 hours trends
  • Over 30 Monitering parameters
  • Diffrent colour indication for Controled & Triggered Breath
  • Featuring a wide range of diagnostic tools